The Gym vs. Beachbody


If you’re trying to figure out the best way to reach your health and fitness goals, here are my own personal experiences with going to the gym for many years, and now working out from home. These are the main reasons I made the switch…


-$30-50 a month- just to get in the door with at least a year contract

-No guidance – you’re on your own unless you want to pay more for a personal trainer (average: $40-60 each session/ 2 sessions a week) And I definitely couldn’t afford that!

-Lots of waiting- I HATED waiting for a machine, it always made me lose motivation and many times I would just leave early or half-ass my workout just so I wouldn’t have to wait!

-More $$ for childcare- I don’t have kids, but it always bothered me that they would charge extra for you to leave your kids in a room for an hour or so with some random person that usually has no childcare credentials or experience

-Driving there- I hated driving to the gym after work, traffic was always so bad that by the time I got there I was super annoyed and then had to deal with an over crowded gym

-Creepers- Every gym I’ve ever been to has had quite a few creepers. Guys that would stare at me constantly or try to start a convo with me even though I have my headphones in and I’m dripping in sweat



-Many pricing options to suit your exact needs and price range. A one time payment of $140-200 for your choice of either: 1 workout program on dvd for you to keep forever or a 1 year online membership to every workout program they offer. Plus you get a month of Shakeology (a delicious  superfood shake designed to improve your overall health), meal plans and prep tools, recipes, and dieting tips.

– Guided workout programs designed by some of the world’s best personal trainers available 24/7

– Workout at home. No traveling needed, no sitters needed, no creepers to weird you out

– A personal online Fitness Coach to motivate you, assist you, and help you with your fitness goals

– All of the workouts are around 30 minutes long

– Monthly challenge groups, hosted by your Fitness Coach, to help you stay accountable and connect you with other people who are doing the same workouts and have similar goals as you

– Real results- the #1 thing that made me make the switch. The real results I saw after completing my first Beachbody program

Everyone’s experiences are different, but these were mine. It was a hard transition for me to go from being an avid gym rat spending an hour or two in the gym 5-6 days a week, to working out for 30 minutes a day at home. But, after personally seeing the differences in my physical appearance, energy, health and my wallet, I know Beachbody was the right decision for me!


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